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Karl POPPER. Sur la violence.

“Violence always leads to more violence. And violent revolutions kill the revolutionaries and destroy their ideals. The only survivors are those who are the most skillful adepts at surviving.
What a revolution from the Left would with certainty produce is the loss of freedom to criticize, to furnish opposition. Whether the resulting dictatorship is of the Left or Right depends partly on chance and is chiefly a difference in nomenclature. I maintain that only in a democracy, in an open society, do we have the possibility to redress grievances. If we destroy this social order through a violent revolution we will not only be responsible for the heavy sacrifices of the revolution but will create a state of affairs that will make the abolition of social evils, injustice, and repression impossible. I am for individual freedom and I hate the coercion of the state and the arrogance of government officials as much as anyone. But unfortunately the state is a necessary evil; without a state things won’t work. And unfortunately the saying is true: the more people, the more state. Through violence mankind can easily be exterminated. What is necessary is to work for a more reasonable society in which conflicts are settled rationally, more and more. I say “more reasonable”! Strictly speaking, there is no reasonable society, but there is always one that is more reasonable than the existing one and toward which we should therefore strive. That is a realistic demand and no utopia!”

Karl Popper in ‘Revolution or Reform? – A confrontation’ – Herbert Marcuse and Karl Popper – ed. A.T. Ferguson. Original title: ‘Revolution oder Reform?’.
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